Developing Inclusive Leaders in Education

We raise awareness, deepen knowledge, and skills, and support organisations to identify and/or achieve their Inclusion, Diversity and Equality objectives.

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Trust Inclusion comprises three skilled consultants all experienced in working with school leaders and Leadership Teams. The collaboration that is Trust Inclusion, is in its third year and between them, Mandy, Johan and Linbert bring nearly one hundred years’ experience of helping organisations to be more effective at identifying and achieving their equality and/or diversity and/or inclusion objectives.

Trust Inclusion is well positioned to help Multi-Academy Trusts and other education providers, to be more effective regarding their equality, diversity and inclusion work – and by extension to be consistent in achieving their wider educational purpose.

As well as a wealth of professional expertise to support teams and individuals seeking to lead more inclusively, Trust Inclusion brings to the table lived experience of different aspects of diversity, including – accent, age, class, colour, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, nationality, parental status, religion, and sexual orientation. 

Who We are

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Author, HR specialist, coach, mentor and change agent.

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Diversity and inclusion expert, campaigner and speaker, coach and mentor.

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An inclusive leadership consultant, coach, mentor and speaker.

Who we are

Trust Inclusion...
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works with Executive Leadership Teams and Boards to equip them with a solid understanding of what equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion mean, and the barriers faced by traditionally marginalised groups.

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facilitates development workshops, provides 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring support as well as group coaching 

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uniquely, amongst other providers working in Education, we measure inclusion and thereby helps Trusts to identify the key areas that will have the biggest impact on creating and sustaining a more inclusive workplace, enabling all staff to consciously manage inclusion and work to achieve greater diversity 

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conduct Inclusion Audits, using the Truthsayers Neurotech Survey – if completed at the start of a programme of work, is not only a way of measuring the impact of the intervention, but is a means of determining the priorities of the work before finally committing to the programme/schedule.  

Our Clients

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Why clients choose us?

We bring knowledge, skills, experience, and commitment, and work collaboratively with them to help build and sustain inclusive environments. We help clients to explore biases and how they manifest themselves in organisational culture - individual behaviours, systems and processes such as recruitment and talent management, as well as in curriculums, and then identify the biases that can be eradicated and recommend changes for more inclusive systems, processes and policies

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News and publications

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Equality, Diversity
and Inclusion in
School Trusts
Creating sustainable change
February 2023
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Mandy Coalter 
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The Diversity Pocket Book 
Linbert Spencer 

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